Food Hygiene & Safety Courses

Basic Food Safety

Duration: 3 Hours / 6 Hours

Objectives: The training includes the most relevant details pertaining to the basics of food safety and good hygiene practices to achieve them. If not handled properly, the food that you serve may cause severe discomfort, illness, and even death. This makes it crucial for everyone, particularly those in the hospitality industry, to understand that their behavior directly contributes to the safety of the food they serve. This course will teach you how to properly handle, prepare, and store food so that the meals you make and contribute to are safe for everybody who enjoys them Accreditation – Dubai Municipality

Person in Charge – Level 2

Duration: 12 Hours

PIC training is intended for persons directly responsible for the food related operations in certain types of food establishments with direct authority, control or supervision over employees who engage in the storage, preparation, display or service of foods. It is a legal requirement that all businesses keep a copy of their PIC certificate in the premises and produce it for inspection on the request of food inspection officers. This training is designed to enable managers identify practices that could lead to problems and carry out internal inspections of their premises in order to take appropriate corrective actions. It will provide PICs with the knowledge Accreditation – Dubai Municipality (HABC/TSI)

ADVANCED Person in Charge

Duration: 18 HOUR

This workshop carries further the knowledge learned in Level 2 of the same program. It will give you an in-depth knowledge of Microbiological, Chemical, Physical, and Allergen hazards related to food safety. It sheds light on the most common foodborne diseases and discusses different measures to take as a counterstrike against such diseases. It also describes the Dubai Municipality Food safety requirement as per the Dubai Food Code and International Food Hygiene Requirements Accreditation – Dubai Municipality (HABC/TSI)


Duration: 4 HOUR

This program aims to clarify what the implementation of a HACCP system means throughout an organization. By the end of the course, participants should have: General knowledge of HACCP System. Knowledge of Principles of HACCP and the preliminary steps for implementation. Realize the advantages of having a HACCP system in place.

Food Safety Audit /HACCP

Duration: 12 HOUR

Food Audit is one of the important elements to ensure that HACCP system is implemented continuously throughout the company. It is conducted to measure the effectiveness of the system and to evaluate the compliance of HACCP in all aspects related to production and quality control After completion of this course, you would learn to conduct audit as per HACCP standards requirements with regards to management commitment, management responsibilities, resources management, planning and realization of safe products, validation, verification and continual improvements along with PRP - Prerequisite program requirements, 12 steps in development of HACCP, flow chart preparation, hazard analysis, identification of CCP, monitoring & record keeping and incorporation of ISO 19011:2018 auditing guidelines jjgjgjgjt

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